Rev. Arus memorial Mentor Program for Churches

All Participants (Non-profit, House of worship or Artist) who wish to Mentor two (2) (Non-profit, House of worship or Artist) or more will receive The Rev.Arus Memorial Grant for Mentors.


The Grant includes a Special price for the Website Design, Customization and Hosting.


All website packages come with resources to enable your Organization to start using your Website right away.  Mentor Participants receive additional Free Personalized Training on how to use the Website's advanced features included, and training in how teach others to do the same.


The mentor Training is designed by Karen Gorst. The creator of what is now "The Book Project" : A system to teach Medieval Illumination Techniques to Grade-Schoolers, by training the teachers who carry the work forward. To date, over 75,000 children from New York to California have been taught using this method. Now some of the children have their books exhiibted in The Morgan Library and Museum.

Church With Hero Banner

"Sliders and Galleries anywhere you need, without slowing your site down"

First Methodist Church

Artist Site with Background Video

"Instant Galleries and Background Video. Responsive Video Sliders"

TheGorst Studio

Church Hero Video Background

"Top Rated. Video Hero Banner. Instant Galleries anywhere. Banners at will . Live events.The works."

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